Hostel- (from STD 4th to 12th ) Boys/Girls

Hostel is located in the same campus and is about 100 hundred meters from the institute building. Campus is under the surveillance of CCTV camera and provides safe environment for girl & boys candidates. … Hostel has facilities like RO water purifier, water cooler, a common room with TV, which creates a homely atmosphere. Hostels provide the best atmosphere for study. If students enjoy the hostel life in different ways, they also work very hard when the time comes for it. Hostel life tends to develop a healthy competition and mutual co-operation among hostellers. While living in hostel students share their personal ideology with other students, and learn many new ideas from their hostel fellows. Hostel life also makes students more ambitious, those students who have stayed in hostels are more self-reliant and confident than other students.

DO’s and Don’ts…..


Be friendly with other hostellers and say hello to them if they awake.

Always keeps your stuff clean and pack it on tour bags within a concentrated area.

Avoid smelly foods like snacks and drinks, etc.…

Use your own stuff never use other hostellers things.

Avoid late night parties in your hostel room.

Turn off lights and everything when you are leaving your room.

Share your experiences and achievements with other hostellers.


Don’t point out any other hostellers with your finger.

Don’t leave your valuable things in your room if you are not there.

Don’t ask to turn off light early may be they need to study.

Don’t touch the stuff of other hostellers.

Don’t knock the doors – especially at night.

Don’t eat smelly foods and drinks in the room.

Don’t trouble any hostellers if you have any problem directly contact hostel rector.

While living in the hostel or any other place try to be quiet and don’t disturb others.