As part of our vision statement is being fit for Life, sports and physical education are an integral and important part of the life of the SUV Student.

           The aim of the sports program is to ensure that all students are active during the day, every day, and to create an awareness of the importance of regular physical activity, fitness, teamwork and inculcate a positive competitive spirit and to carry these traits into the students’ adult life.

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Sports at SUV International School Academy:

The SUV Academy Sports and P.E. program adapts best practices from around the world, using the latest pedagogy and coaching tools to empower students to create a habit of lifelong health and fitness and provide an opportunity to learn to excel at sport at the highest level. We have one of the best sports academics in Surat which makes one of the best sports schools in Gujarat besides academics.

The Sports Program for Different age Groups is as Follows:

Kindergarten to Grade 4: Teaching basic locomotor movement skills, gross movement patterns, and the fundamental skills of team and individual sports. We also involve in the sports day activities for kindergarten.

Middle School: Students build upon the fundamental skills and learn about the aspects of game play.

High School: Students specialize in at least 2 sports which they can play competitively.

The Sports Covered at SUV are:

Athletics (Track and Field)




Table Tennis




The sports that will also be introduced to high school shortly into the program are Shooting, Cricket, Badminton, and Basketball

Inter-House Competition:

There is Inter-house competitions that are held for various sports through the year. There is an After School Sports program that runs through the week for Athletics (Track and Field), Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis, Volleyball, and Handball.